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all the money you need!

Put the Power of Hershey to work!

$2 King Size Hershey Fundraising  Assortment UP to 50% Profit Each Carrier Contains:  30 bars, [4 carriers per case for a total of 120 candy bars.]  
Small minimum orders - no problem. Quick Shipments  

An Event Fundraiser made Easy by. . ColorAThon

Join the thousands of enthusiastic supporters!  Raise thousands of dollars for your school by hosting your own ColorAThon.  We provide all the tools, know-how and even the money-management system tools for processing, recording and promoting your event.  I work directly with you to ensure your success!  Earn UP to 70% Profit!

Expect the Best by Selling the Best!

America's Favorite Cookie Dough and their other fine bakery items is your assurance of high unit sales!  At Meadow Farms we tally, pre-sort and safely ship frozen directly to you for distribution.  Earn UP to 40%.  

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